Come and Take It

"You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas."


A photo of Mr. Thorleifson

Mr. Thorleifson in his preferred habitat.

Mr. Thorleifson is a classical liberal in the tradition of Locke, an empiricist in the tradition of Burke, and a Christian in the tradition of… Well, OK. Let’s admit it, Mr. Thorleifson is a rather sad specimen of Christianity, given his first religion was science. Let’s just say Mr. Thorleifson aspires to the tenets of Christianity as espoused by Martin Luther. Mr. Thorleifson wasn’t born in Texas, but much like Davy Crockett, finds it fits him like a glove.

Given his philosophical, political and religious leanings, Mr. Thorleifson is a stranger in the strange land of modern American politics. He hopes that we might one day rediscover that once-discovered country bequeathed to us by the Framers, but lost in the mists of history. Recorded here are his musings on his travels in the weird landscape that is the 21st century American Republic.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Tuttabella on said:

    Mr. Thorleifson, I was referred to you by a certain CaptSternn. May I mention this site to my friends TigerDog and OV? 🙂

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