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Voting for Freedom with Your Feet

A map of overall state freedom

Overall State Freedom (Courtesy – Click map to open interactive page

Recently Dan Mitchell blogged about the Mercatus Center’s latest state freedom map. He closed with the comment, “I grew up in New York, which is #50 in the rankings of freedom in the states, and then in Connecticut, which ranks only #40. But I went to college in Georgia, which is #9 in the rankings, and I now live in the Virginia, which is #8. But I somehow doubt that I’ll ever wind up in North Dakota.”

Dan’s comment intrigued me. Do Americans value freedom enough to actually pursue it, by moving from less free to more free states? Well, it’s easy enough to find out, especially if you just happen to be a Geographic Information System (GIS) geek like me. Without too much effort, I mined the most recent U.S. Census bureau data to create my own intriguing map.

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